3D空氣全能鍋 Mulitfry

產品編號: FH 1394/2
HK $2688.00

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存貨數量: 100


- 食譜模式: 4種預設程式(薯仔、薄餅、蛋糕、燴飯)以及3種煮食模式(平底鍋、烤煱及氣烤)
- 最大容量: 1.7公斤新鮮去皮薯仔 / 1.5公斤免油急凍薯仔
- 專業全能鍋讓您烹煮不同菜式(新鮮/急凍薯仔,意式薄餅,蛋糕, 意式燉飯,燉菜,魚,肉及更多)
- SHS環迴式加熱系統,能360度提供熱力和溫度,達致3D空氣烹調效果
- 卓越烹調效果:食物外脆,內嫩多汁
- 無間斷烹飪,節省時間
- 頂部加熱,可用作烤煱及氣烤烹調
- 底部加熱,能令烹調更快速,更多變化
- 部份程式具有自動攪拌功能; 配搭可拆式攪拌槳, 可一邊烹調一邊攪拌
- 拆下攪拌槳,方便靜態方式進行烹調
- 電子操控面版,容易調較火力及烹調時間
- 易潔、防刮內壁
- 透明外蓋,容易監控烹飪過程
- 可拆式攪拌槳、烹調鍋,方便清洗

Product Detail

- Recipes selector knob: 4 pre-set programs (potatoes, pizza, cake, stew) and 3 special programs (pan function, oven function, grill function).
- Maximum food capacity: 1.7 kg of fresh potatoes to peel; 1,5 Kg of frozen potatoes without adding oil.
- Professional Multi-cooker (fresh potatoes, frozen potatoes, pizza, cake, risotto, stew, fish, meat and much more).
- Surround Heating System double pro (SHS double pro), to guarantee:
- Excellent cooking performance: food is crispy outside and tasty and juicy inside;
- Rapid cooking: time saving;
- Upper tubular sheathed heating element for a convection and grill cooking
- Lower tubular sheathed heating elements (1000 W) to improve the speed and the feasible recipes.
- Automatic mixing proces with mixing paddle: to mix food during the cooking process.
- Removable mixing paddle: this gives the possibility to cook also in a static way
- Digital control panel: to set the power level and the cooking time.
- Bowl with a non-stick and anti-scratch ceramic coating.
- Complete transparent lid to monitor cooking process.
- Easy to clean: lid, paddle and bowl are removable.

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